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We offer seamless cross-platform content distribution and monetization, with zero financial risk!
We offer seamless cross-platform content distribution and monetization, with zero financial risk!
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A simplified way to build, distribute and monetize your content via VOD applications or FAST channels.

Premium features provides you with all the features you need for maximum success - VOD, Linear Fast channels, FAST channels, Fully customizable applications, content management access, transcoding and CDNs, Multi-Language applications, analytics and reporting.

Monetize OTT applications helps you increase revenue through its powerful monetization engine. Our platform offers a variety of advertising opportunities, including in-stream and overlay ads, sponsorships, etc.

Reach growth, made simple simplifies the creation of OTT apps and allows you to seamlessly launch your content on multiple OTT platforms and increase your reach to 200+ million homes worldwide. Provide access to your content on any OTT device at any time, such as: smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Focus on your content

Let handle building, onboarding, distributing, monetizing and maintaining your OTT applications so you can concentrate on what you do best - producing quality content.


ILinear FAST




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Our package includes OTT application and friendly web version:

No development fees

No upfront license fees

No monthly license fees

Fully managed technology stack with no existing services required

Customizable colors,logos, artwork, and layouts

Full feature set

Diverse monetization solutions

Why choose Castify?

Instead of investing years and millions of dollars on in-house application development, Castify provides the perfect solution: a professional OTT app / Linear channel, tailored for your brand, monetized across multiple OTT platforms and risk-free!

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Now is the time

Build your own VOD and linear channel OTT app


Streaming your content on all OTT platforms will increase your reach and maximize your content potential.

Take the Lead

While the OTT audience rapidly grows, there are very few apps available. Platform's app stores are in need of quality content.


Maximize your monetization capabilities and take full control. Monetize your assets through in-stream and overlay ads, sponsorships and more...


OTT technology delivers enormous potential for many verticals as people's ways of consuming content are rapidly changing. Video streaming services are on the rise globally.

Premium Experience

Through OTT and CTV applications, content creators can deliver a five-star “Netlflix”- type experience to their viewers.

Simplified and Seamless

Castify enables you to launch your OTT service simply, smartly, and efficiently. Let us help you take your content distribution to the next level.

We can help you grow,

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All Dashboards provides you with an optimized UX app with all the features you need for maximum success - Fully customizable applications, content management access,


Castify is a smart automatic tool which allows content owners to monetize their content across multiple platforms: CTV (Roku, AppleTV, LG, Sony, Amazon Fire TV and more), mobile (Android, iOS), Social media (Facebook, Telegram) and web.
You take care of creating your video content and uploading it to at least one platform. We will then handle all the technical aspects of pulling your videos content and publishing it to all platforms you choose.
We work with many creators with different channel sizes. We have many variables we take into account when considering our partners, therefore it’s best to apply here, and one of our experts will get back to you shortly.
From the moment you open an account and submit your channel’s URL, it’ll take between 3-7 business days to get things started.
You can contact us by simply filling out this From and one of our experts will get back to you shortly.
Once you’ve opened your account, you’ll be able to access real-time numbers dashboard and monitor your success.
Revenue comes from displaying premium ads by utilizing our vast advertising network. We integrate pre/post/mid roll ads, always optimized to great user experience and best possible income.
We support – PayPal , Wire Transfer and all other major transaction tools.
Once you open your account, there are a few steps we need to take in order to create your different channels. The flow is best described in our onboarding document