Castify’s Ambassador
Smart Solution was designed to make professional custom CTV apps accessible to all video content owners, in all countries. Castify’s unique features, customizable design, advanced robust system and AI recommendation engine make it one of the best CTV app distribution platform out there.

Local Ambassadors

In order for our global vision to be brought to life, we have taken a strategic decision to work with local ambassadors. If you’re from the broadcasting media, digital media, CTV or OTT verticals and want to explore the option to collaborate with Casity, we would love to hear from you.

Our Vision

Castify's total addressable market is huge - from local channels to large production houses, in any vertical: Sports, Education, Entertainment, Premium, YouTubers and more, in any language in any country.

People & Technology

Castify’s Ambassador Program is open for connected people who appreciate great technology and would like to be part of something big.

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