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With its founding in 2019, Castify.ai has foresaw the rise of Connected TV and is positioned accordingly. We have pioneered innovative solutions for the evolving market of CTV entertainment and advertising since that time, empowering businesses and individuals to succeed.

Castify.ai empowers video content owners, such as linear TV channels and production houses, to develop their own branded OTT, CTV apps and FAST Channels with ease. Our technology streamlines the app creation process, offering a simplified, automated solution for seamless distribution across multiple OTT platforms.

Castify.ai's apps and channels integrate an efficient monetization engine, enabling ongoing monetization with minimal investment. A premium, diverse and global advertising feed will ensure the highest potential yield. A testament of the success can be found in the article “Castify.ai Dominates the CTV Programmatic Advertising Scene as Multiple of its Developed Apps Lead the Charts”.

The unique positioning of Castify.ai as an enabler for large video content players places it at the crossroads of content partners and demand partners. With an AI based technology, and In the fast growing CTV market, Castify is pioneering programmatic CTV advertising.

Content owners can focus on producing high-quality content while dramatically expanding their audience with Castify.ai's A-Z solution.

Our Mission:
Revolutionizing the OTT Landscape!

Castify.ai is committed to transforming the OTT landscape through the creation, distribution, and enhancement of cutting-edge OTT applications and channels, empowered by advanced monetization technologies.

Our Values

Innovation is at the core of our company. By constantly bringing new ideas, improving solutions, and exceeding clients’ expectations we continue to enlarge the OTT industry.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, setting high standards for ourselves and pushing the boundaries of what's possible to deliver exceptional products and services.


To progress and make a difference, our company fosters an environment of creativity and experimentation. We encourage our team to always challenge themselves and constantly think of unorthodox ideas.


Our passion is challenging the status quo and pioneering new technologies that redefine the OTT and the CTV industry.

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With vast experience and a blend of industry experts, skilled engineers, and creative minds, we deliver results that reflect our core strengths and values.

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