Brand Book

Our logo is a combination of a wordmark with our icon. It can be implemented in different versions as displayed below:

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Castify's icon is built as a player to be casted to any device. Casting symbols contain our brand's various colors to represent the diversity of our target audience.

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Brand Color

Our OTT applications can be customized, so no two look alike, thus the colorful palette. We have adopted a range of colors to represent and symbolize our diversity, We cater to content owners from all over the world with a wide range of video content.

R234 G74 B153

R86 G104 B176

R74 G183 B228

R86 G104 B176

R235 G34 B39

R252 G217 B0


Font: Roboto, the font is clean and suitable for small text but also for headlines and logos. Roboto is our primary typeface, which means it should be used wherever possible.

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font-family: 'Roboto';

<link rel="stylesheet preload" as="style" href=",300,400,500,700,900">


The default video loader appears whenever a video is loaded in our applications. It's the casting icon that rotates and is colored in Castify's logo colors.

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This is an example of our application's layout. It consists of several parts - Sections on the upper part, each displaying a different set of carousels assigned to each section. The menu icons are also customizable, the background color, logo and more.

in a vector forma

Main brand colors
in RGB and HEX

Menu close logo
70px width
Hight should be proportional to the width

Menu open logo
200px width
Hight should be proportional to the width

Splash Screen
1920 x 1080
first image when opening the app

Background image / Color
1920 x 1080

About Page - Side Teaser
1920 x 1080

Channel Categories
400 x 400

Channel Categories