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Castify.ai specializes in building, onboarding, and distributing OTT apps and linear FAST channels in return for exclusive content and monetization rights.

CTV is a rapidly growing market as people are increasingly “cutting the cord” and Streaming Services are becoming increasingly popular. CTV creates a perfect environment for advertisers to reach their audience on television.

With our audience-first approach and advanced technology, we focus on performance-driven advertising.

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CTV Advertising Ecosystem

Castify.ai thrives within a dynamic ecosystem, strategically ensuring your message is directly delivered to your prime target audience.

Reach Your Core Audience on The Big Screen!

Connect with your audience on a grander scale
there are more viewers watching from streaming and other devices, making it easier for you to reach them.

Higher engagement
Our Audience Engine allows us to target viewers according to specificinterests, which results in effective marketing campaigns.

track the impact of your campaigns across devices and measure precise ROI through our groundbreaking technology.

By targeting only your target audience, we eliminate wasted budgetsand IMPs.

CTV is a powerful branding tool for reaching a wider audience which can help build brand awareness and loyalty.

Extended Global Reach - It’s All in the Numbers


CTV daily ad requests


of connected TV household subscriptions worldwide.


Premium CTV Platforms

OTT Apps Across All Platforms

(mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers) - engage with your target audience anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

FAST Channels on Multiple Devices

(Pluto TV, Roku, Paramount, Xumo, Roku, IMDb, Warner Bros , etc) - connect with your audience at any streaming service they are subscribed to.

Unique Premium Inventory

Get Your Ad in Front of The Right Eyes In a Brand Safe Environment

OTT apps and Linear / FAST channels across all platforms

Additional content with exclusive monetization license

Diverse and varied genres: Sports, Entertainment, Kids, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, Black American Culture, LGBTQ,

Short / long forms and live events

Contextual segments

Discover Performance TV - New & Improved TV Advertising

Targeting Precision for Better Ad Optimization and Advanced Performance Attribution

Castify.ai is leading the way in the performance TV space, developing and deploying advanced technologies.

Performance TV enables advanced tracking and campaign optimization and through advanced attribution, post view actions can be attributed to the CTV ad.

Click below to learn more about how we can help your marketing strategy with Performance TV.

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Fraud Prevention & Brand Safety

Our in-house tools and partnerships with top fraud detection brands help us refine traffic and ensure that ads are seen and clicked by real viewers, while getting your message far and wide.

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