Roku Channel Monetization

Having a Roku channel is the perfect opportunity for you to increase your income. Having followers and an established audience is an untapped revenue source. There are many ways to monetize your channel but it’s important to remember to put your viewers first.

People switched to CTV partly to avoid long commercial breaks; don’t remind them of cable. We’re here to share with you four ways to monetize your Roku channel while focusing on steady growth that will make your bank account a little bit happier.

Charge a fee

Having users subscribe to your channel shows you that your content speaks to them. They like what you offer enough to sign up for notifications about new updates and they’re psyched when there’s something new to watch. You can gauge subscriber enthusiasm by tracking how quickly the view count goes up.

This may be the time to open your channel up for paid subscriptions. While it may seem counter-intuitive, offering new subscribers the option to pay to watch your content will also motivate users to watch new content you produce because, well, they paid for it. When people invest their time or money into something, they want to maximize their return. Psychology works, folks.

Pro Tip: When you consider pricing, take into consideration the fact that 20% of the fee will be taken by Roku. A good price point for a monthly subscription is $4.99 per month.

Affiliate Links

Depending on the type of content you create, using affiliate links is another way to monetize your Roku channel and earn you some cash. Roku lets you collect your users’ emails into a list that you can then use to email unique and relevant offers to your subscribers. It’s important to emphasize that your email offers should be “unique and relevant”; if you send anything else, you’ll see an increase in unsubscribe notifications. We don’t want that.

We do want on-point relevant offers with value. People can smell value from miles away so be smart with your partnerships and affiliate offers. Using affiliate links requires transparency and I would recommend being upfront with your audience about your relationship with your affiliate links.

Explain that yes, you will be making money for every purchase made through your link and explain that the cost your subscribers pay is not higher, usually, you can also include some promo code to boost sales. If this is the first you hear of affiliates, here’s a quick explanation.

A simple disclaimer in the email is recommended. Moreover, emphasizing that you’re using this method in order to keep their costs low may stir feelings of appreciation and loyalty in your subscribers.

Your audience won’t mind clicking your affiliate links if they are motivated to help you. This doesn’t work for everyone, knowing your audience and providing relevant offers is the key to success.

Sponsor Videos

Another way to monetize your Roku channel is by partnering with relevant brands and creating unique sponsored content. Leverage the power of brands that are of interest to your viewers to create strategic partnerships. Depending on your metrics, brands will usually pay a few hundred dollars for the video, and the partnership can gain you credibility and popularity in the eyes of your fans.

Research industry and influencer rates. Prepare a list of related brands and start approaching their marketing team members on LinkedIn to get the ball rolling. It’s a long path, becoming an influencer, but it can bring in a lot of cash, as long as you keep the needs of your audience first.

Get Rokufy

Rokufy is a smart machine that upgrades your Roku channel into a UX-powered monetized app. Designed for CTV players, your Roku channel will become an eyeball magnet. With a few marketing boosters such as, custom background, better play button, better navigation, and recommended videos action, you’re bound to grow. Rokufy offers a better solution than Roku, which takes 20% of impression share revenue and in some cases pays $0 when Roku ads are showing.

Preferring Rokufy’s monetization solution over Roku’s leaves no money on the table and has the advantage of paying you for every ad your viewer sees. Rokufy’s ad networks and contacts are vast, offering 20 million impressions monthly you can capitalize on. Keep in mind that CTV advertising’s payout is usually higher than Google’s, so you can make more cash faster.


There are many opportunities to monetize your Roku channel. There is no one-size-fits-all situation in this world. You just have to try to keep your viewers on your channel as long as you can and find the balance between great user experience and monetization.

Once you’ve established and upgraded your channel with Rokufy’s, you’ll be able to seamlessly distribute your content to any major platform, using Make the most out of your content and think big!