How to maximize Your YouTube Channel’s earnings?

Expand your YouTube Content to CTV, with Castify –

If you looking for ways to maximize profits from your video content on YouTube, then it is time you expand your channel into major CTV platforms.

CTV or Connected TV platforms are becoming increasingly popular, both as a content streaming, and advertising platform. This is exactly why it is just the right time for video content owners to move forward and push their content on these platforms.

There are many video channel owners who are not expanding to CTV despite the clear monetary and branding benefits. They think it is either too complicated or too time consuming. That’s where Castify kicks in! With Castify, expanding your content beyond YouTube is super easy!

What is Castify?

Castify is a smart engine that automatically turns any content channel into an advanced app on multiple platforms. Imagine your content everywhere! Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung and more! Our advanced solution pulls your content automatically, including all titles, description and images, and distribute it without any additional effort from your end.

Our apps are designed by user-experience experts to increase your content’s performance and income. Castify even gives you an opportunity to customize your content and channels using your own logo. Therefore, Castify gives Channel owners to further establish their brand in parallel to maximizing income.

CTV Advertising Spend growth-

The online world is ever evolving, and one of the fastest growing trends in users and advertising spent is the CTV market. More brands are waking up to the promise of CTV advertising. As someone who creates video content on YouTube, CTV platforms hold a promising opportunity to increase viewership, increase follower base, establish your brand and growing your income. The number of people consuming content on CTV platforms is growing day by day. CTV advertising is well on its way to claiming a bigger portion of total ad budgets. With advanced targeting and analytics that can’t be found with traditional TV advertising, brands are better able to track their spend’s impact.

If you’re a video content channel owner, there‘s no better time to get started with expanding on CTV with the high quality and comprehensive solutions provided by Castify.

There’s no room for hesitation, sign up today and start earning more! Click here and get started.