How to make the most of your youtube videos with CTV?

YouTube content creators are looking to make the most of every video they create. Sometimes it’s easy to miss the obvious solution; Posting content on multiple, profitable CTV platforms. Stepping through the CTV door equals opening a door to 204 M potential viewers. The average US adult watches 4.5 hours of TV a day! That’s a lot of time to watch your content as well as a huge earning potential.

Today, we’ll present the most profitable CTV and OTT platforms to ensure you CAN take that vacation. and boost subscribers in the process. Plus, we’ll share time and money-saving tool that helps manage, distribute and set up a breeze.

Let’s see why CTV advertising is the next big thing.

CTV’s advertising Superpower

CTV marks the overdue death of traditional TV. It’s the TV advertisers, marketers need to move content and ad spend to the small screen. The genius of CTV advertising uses Facebook and Google Ads like targeting to deliver relevant ads to relevant audiences.

Making CTV the hottest new thing in the digital media industry.

This trend is expected to skyrocket as more and more advertisers are finding a new home for their marketing budget. All due to CTV advertising’s rapid growth and ability to accurately target audiences. Targeting is based on demographics, interests, homeownership status, and more.

Youtube content creators looking to earn more from premium ads realize this and are making their way to all the best video platforms.

Here are the top video content platforms:

CTV Advertising Stats on Roku

To date, Roku is the best CTV video platform in the United States. You too can increase your audience by 84.7M viewers simply by joining. In 2019, Roku made $741 million off CTV advertising and commissions alone.

You can get in on the action by creating your own channel on Roku. Combining the number of users and looking at your earning potential anyone can make it.

Bear in mind that Roku customization requires programming knowledge. If you don’t have it, prepare to cough up for customization. Unless you’re using a safe and easy tool like Castify.

CTV Advertising Stats on Amazon

Amazon celebrates a jaw-dropping +40 Million global active accounts, a 300% increase. The potential audience of millions waiting for you to entice them with your content. CTV Advertising’s success on Amazon is bound to grow as ads are delivered based on demographics, interests, education level, and more. There are even advanced options such as search history, retargeting, income, and more.

Most importantly, Amazon controls 30% of the US market as the best OTT video platform.

CTV advertising stats on Android TV

The most senior solution in the group but with the most clever goal; to bring the things you enjoy on your phone to your TV Google claims that the utilization of Android TV platforms surpasses Amazon and Roku. Although we weren’t able to find specific numbers Google does report that Android TV usage has grown by 80% than it had this time last year.

Check out this Android TV guide to learn more.

CTV advertising stats on Apple TV

The youngest CTV platform having emerged 5 months ago has shown 10% growth since March.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Apple TV has seen an increase in average screen time. Providing you with the perfect groundwork to bring your content front and center.

Get your content everywhere with Castify

Most if not all the CTV platforms form this article is relevant to your audience. However, creating a custom app on each of them requires developer knowledge and graphic design knowledge you might not have. Using Castify you can create custom Roku, Amazon, Apple TV and Android TV apps in just a few clicks.

Casitfy’s algorithm does all the customization of feed. Including background, suggested videos, and more. Providing you already have a video content channel like youtube.


Profiting off your videos has never been simpler. The best video platforms are breaking new viewership records and you can be there to enjoy the growth. Both in recognition and revenue. Uncovering your golden goose of advertising has never been easier with Castify. Simply, input your youtube URL channel and Castify does the rest. Try it now.