Create a "Netflix" type application on Smart TV

An innovative Israeli startup allows content owners to create “Netflix” type applications on smart TV’s enables video content owners to launch their own TV channels on all major smart TV platforms and in a risk-free financial model.

Content producers and channel owners have always strived to significantly increase their audience and consequently, enhance their impact as well as increase their subscription, advertising, sponsorship, and e-commerce revenues. The OTT and in particular the Smart TV space allows such growth, but one of the main reasons which prevented them from penetrating it, was the high cost of launching such a channel. It is mainly due to the fact that there is no unified technological standard and one coding language for all smart TV platforms. Each manufacturer has developed a different technology with a different coding language, resulting in high development costs.

Leveraging its parent company's technology team - Mars Media Group,'s cutting edge technology addresses this “pain”.'s technology allows, subject to obtaining the required permissions from the content owners, to automatically pull content, transcode, distribute, broadcast and monetize it on all major CTV platforms as an integral application creating a "Netflix" type experience. It is up to the content owner to choose whether his channel(s) will be offered on a monthly subscription fee, or as a free channel with advertising. In addition, offers content owners options to significantly increase revenues through sponsorship and e-commerce.

Using advanced technologies of machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence), offers viewers a personalized viewing experience based on their viewing habits and preferences. Ads are also presented to them based on their interests and profile. All of this happens automatically without the content owners having to bear any costs in terms of labor and/or time. offers its customers a fixed monthly fee, or a revenue share model which reduces the financial risk. "We are confident in our ability to generate additional revenues for our customers so we are open to sharing the risk, as well as the upside", said Oren Fadloun, CEO and owner of the company and group. also allows its customers to take control of their most valuable asset - their viewers. By monitoring the channels and obtaining analytical insights, our customers have an in-depth understanding of their viewers. The data is always available to the content owners and is updated “live”, so that they can react accurately and very quickly. All of the above results in optimizing their content in order to maximize the content and financial potential of the content .

Oren Fadloun concludes:

"Our vision is to provide content and channel owners with the ability to distribute and broadcast their content efficiently and seamlessly to all the major smart TVs in the world, deepen their impact and significantly increase their revenue, with minimal effort at their end and in a risk-free financial model. is not built to replace existing digital assets. is designed to be an additional distribution tool that enables performance optimization and enhances reach, while maintaining full control of their assets.