How to Capitalize on Amazon Fire TV

How to Capitalize on Amazon Fire TV

More and more Amazon Fire TV channels are becoming a significant income source for video content creators that want to earn more. It’s easy to see why Amazon Fire TV monetization has become so popular. Amazon uses its powerful data to suggest tailored content to its 40 million active users.

Amazon Fire TV relies on Alexa data when offering viewers relevant content which usually results in higher conversion rates. It all starts with getting more viewers and keeping them on your channel. The more users subscribe to your channel, the higher your income will climb.

Leverage Amazon’s insider info by being aware of interest-based targeting and make the most out of Amazon Fire TV’s potential through ads, sponsored videos, affiliates, and more.

Get noticed

The first thing on the list is getting noticed. Content creators like yourself know that appearances matter. You may create great content, but it’s essential you know how to create attractive thumbnails, headlines, and descriptions.

These little things are what make potential viewers decide whether to watch your video or keep scrolling. Every click viewers make on their journey to watching your content must be calculated. Intrigue and genuine interest are usually the main factors, but appearance is the deciding factor.

We know how hard it is to innovate and be creative all of the time. So to help you create compelling looks in no time, every time, we compiled a list of 5 tools that save content creators like you a lot of time and money.

CTV advertising

CTV (Connected TV) advertising has seen global growth in the past couple of years and is predicted to become a $10.81 billion market by 2021. You can get a piece of the pie by opening up your channel for ads. If you’ve been living under a rock and are just now discovering the world of CTV advertising, the first thing you should do is jump on the bandwagon now. Advertisers like to see the money they invest rake in conversions and bigger screens and better targeting fit that bill perfectly.

Become an Affiliate

Another way to make money on your Amazon Fire TV channel is by affiliate marketing. The goal is to provide your audience with products and offers they want. You make some extra cash on every purchase, you help fans get something they need, and you help trusted brands sell their product. Just PLEASE don’t over do it.

There’s a line that you must be sure not to cross because crossing it will make your fans evaporate. Monetizing on your content is not a bad thing, but taking advantage of – and as a result, frustrating – your audience is the last thing you want to do.

To avoid this, keep your content-to-ads ratio healthy. Focus on finding relevant offers that are based on users’ demands for the best ROI.

Sponsor Videos

Another way to monetize your Amazon Fire TV channel is by creating sponsored videos. Locate brands your audience loves and are relevant to you then, partner up for a new piece of content. Your audience will thank you, your credibility will rise, and you can make a few extra bucks. It’s a mutually-beneficial arrangement.

Pro Tip: Combine sponsored videos with a unique offer from the brand with an exclusive discount for your audience to maximize on the partnership.


Castify is the tool you didn’t know you needed. Castify distributes your video content to all the most popular CTV platforms in just a few clicks. Castify creates beautiful, custom-branded apps in just a few seconds on platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and YouTube, just to name a few. So you can distribute your content on more platforms and gain more followers in no time.

Castify’s uses some powerful UX magic to draw viewers to your channel and keeps them there. On top of easy and free setup, Castify also optimizes your channel for longer view time and shares premium ads based on demand. You also get to enjoy the powerful dashboard with priceless data about your performance and earnings.

With over 20 million monthly impressions and high payout, you can enjoy easy cross-platform monetizing, too.


Amazon Fire TV is a great source of revenue and growth for content creators. Getting more eyes on your content is the number one step towards boosting income. Remember to leverage Amazon’s network to your advantage and use it to promote your Amazon Fire TV channel.