Here’s How to Boost Your CTV Advertising income on Roku

If you’re a Roku CTV app owner and you use Roku’s CTV advertising solution you’re leaving you would want to read this. Roku has amazing earning potential when it comes to CTV advertising with its 17.5M viewers worldwide. What Roku doesn’t have is a user-friendly, painless, no-code-needed way to make your Roku channel the optimized cash machine it can be. Relax, it’s not all bad news. Let’s see how Rokufy can help.

Optimized for CTV-advertising, Code-Free

Here’s Roku’s direct publisher’s quick guide to setting up your Roku CTV app from the Roku website. Managing code for the first time while creating something as important as your feed can be hell if you’re unfamiliar with programming. The alternative is using Roku’s SDK which also requires the help of a developer.

Rokufy, the code-free alternative for a custom Roku channel does the coding for you. Rokufy automatically creates a branded CTV app with built-in CTV advertising focused upgrades. So viewers stay on your custom Roku channel longer and your income, high. Rokufy keeps all your CTV Roku channel content while the 0’s and 1’s do all the work.

Creating a beautiful branded app designed to maximize CTV advertising revenue? Check. What do you need to do? Just click here to get started and Rokufy specialists will take care of the rest.

Does CTV advertising pay for every ad? Not on Roku

On Roku, not all ads are created equal. When you use Roku’s built-in monetization option 2 things happen:

  • Roku eats up your gain with high fees.
  • You lose out on income.

Roku’s video advertisement policy states that 30% of your ad inventory is up to Roku’s discretion and use. Today, Roku makes $30 on 1000 impressions, one of the highest CPM rates today. Roku’s policy also stipulates that 100% out of that inventory CTV advertising revenue goes to Roku. Taking away control and possible income from the Roku channel owner. What happens to CTV advertising without using Roku’s ads solution? You retain 60% of revenue.

Boost Roku CTV advertising revenue with a unique design

Creating a custom CTV Roku channel can be as overwhelming as the setup unless you know to code. You must have noticed that most of the Roku CTV apps look the same as they offer only 2 templates.

However, Rokufy changes the molecular structure of the basic Roku CTV app into something extraordinary. Rokufy converts your CTV app in a UI-powered branded app that stands out, specifically designed to maximize CTV advertising income and your viewers hooked. This simple and easy integration also includes an advanced video player to your CTV and additional goodies.

How to Maximize Roku CTV Advertising Payout?

Brilliant minds used their 15 years of ad experience and industry ties to bring you Rokufy. So you can ensure outstanding user journeys and delivery of premium ads that are based on your CTV Roku content. Rokufy is programmed to push ads based on user demand as not to harm the user experience. This way your content and audience come first.

Furthermore, Rokufy changes the texture of your channel accounts for, better navigation, better play button, recommend videos section as well as a seamless path to the next video in the playlist (Netflix much?). All in all, every Rokudy feature is designed to keep the viewer on your channel and your CTV advertising-income going up.


A custom, CTV advertising focused Roku channel has a higher earning potential and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Even if Roku requires programming knowledge to make adjustments.

Rokufy is a low cost and hassle-free solution to transform your Roku channel into a money-making channel. Ready to earn more? Click to get started.